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1990 seville
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I've been nursing a starting/drivability problem for over a year and I believe the situation is approaching the endgame. The engine requires 4-5 tries to start when cold, idles rough, then settles down after a minute or two. The car drives okay for a 15-20 minute trip. The engine restarts okay but runs roughly. If I'm parked on level surface, I can usually coax it up to speed within 3-4 blocks then it runs okay again until I stop, park and have to restart. If I park on an incline, it's a struggle to get the car up to speed and acceptable performance. In the past, if I popped the hood and let things cool down for 20 minutes, it would generally restart and run normally. Obviously, I have to plan my trips very carefully.

Vital statistics:

Key on / engine stopped: fuel pressure = 20 psi
Key on / engine idling: fuel pressure = 25 psi
Key off / engine off: fuel pressure gradually rises to 38+ psi (??!!)

Subsequently, when I use the pressure relief button on the fuel pressure tester to bleed off pressure in the fuel rail, I see mostly air bubbles in the clear plastic bleed hose. Is this normal?

I've removed the vacuum hose from the FPR at idle and see no evidence of gas leakage.

I can hear the fuel pump running for 2-3 seconds at key on.

I replaced the inline fuel filter hoping to get lucky. I didn't.

I've been reading posts on this forum all day and have come to the conclusion that my fuel pump is about to expire after a long illness. I was going to replace the FPR, but I now feel that would be a futile attempt to postpone the inevitable. It has been a lovely, dependable car during my 8 years of ownership and still has only 76,000 miles on the odometer.

I seek the worthy opinions of members of this forum before I proceed to fuel pump replacement and thank you in advance for your kind assistance.
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