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Fuel Gauge problems on 94-95 FWB's?

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I found this on the Impala FAQ, does anyone have access to that TSB? This likely is a problem with our rides as well. Mine ran out like this the day I bought my car trying to get it to the first gas station! I didn't make it!!

Fuel Gauge Problems

Q: My Impala ran out of gas the other day, and the gauge still said I had some and the low fuel light wasn't on. What's up?

First, it's not a good idea to run the gas tank too low (into the red). The fuel pump in most modern cars is cooled by the gasoline in the tank, and if it is not submersed, it will overheat and burn out. You can still have gas left and uncover the pump due to fuel sloshing.

TSB 67-65-19 describes a condition where the vehicle stalls or runs out of fuel while gauge shows fuel remaining. The fix is to repair or replace fresh air hose/canister and bracket. The fuel vapor canister fresh air system may be restricted. Basically, if there is a kink in the fresh air hose to the purge canister or if the canister itself is plugged, you'll draw a vacuum on the gas tank and fuel won't be able to flow. It's kinda like trying to pour gas out of your gas can without opening the little vent. This applies to 94 and 95 Impalas only.
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well i should add that some of the defects found on impalas are fixed on the fleetwoods like the uncentered rear wheels or missing body bushings on some caprices etc.

i don't know if it was different engineers or later production times but i'm pretty sure the fleetwoods have some defects not found on impalas and vice versa so check it out it might be a possible on our fleetwoods too the other thing you should look into is a faulty fuel gauge meter which can be corrected with a cheap kit on impalassforum it adjusts for the misreading causing the car to run out of gas even when the gauge still reads low-1/4 of gas
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