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Fuel Gauge problem and fix... READ IF YOU HAVE AN 07!!!

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Ok so during a road trip friday my fuel gauge went from full to empty in the blink of an eye and then started working again later. I called OnStar when it was acting up and they were able to pull code "P2066." I dropped my car off at the dealership Monday morning and got it back today. There is currently not a fix for this.

Dealer service sheet;
The gas gauge went from full to tempty, now shows full. Onstar showed code P2066. Found code P2066. The software in the ECM will need to be updated to correct this concern. No update is available at this time. When update is realeased we will notify customer. Unable to correct condition at this time.

From the piece of paper left in my car... believe it was left by mistake as it was something a tech pulled from the GM web.
Some customers may comment the fuel gauge reads empty with fuel in the tank. DTC P2066 is stored in the ECM. An issue with the ECM software has been ifentified that will cause the ECM to increment the fuel used incorrectly if the behicle is driven for a number of short trips with frequent skey cycles between refueling events.

A service software calibration will be released soon to correct this condition. If the customer typically drives short distances, instruct the customer to keep the fuel level about 1/4 tank to avoid this...

So the engineers are working on a software update to correct this but they haven't come up with it yet. This effects the CTS, SRX, and STS with the 2.8L (LP1) or the 3.6L (LY7) engines.

Kinda annoying but oh well. When the fix is found Moore will call me and set me up with an appointment.

On a side note I ran into the salesman that sold me the car and he gave me the :thumbsup: when he saw my rims and asked why I hadn't tinted it yet lol. I told him to wait for the tint and the audio system... :rockon:
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