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JimHare said:
Hey, experts - I have a chance to pick up a set of '00 Eldorado manuals for somewhat less than the $135 that Helms would charge me for the '01 manuals that I would normally get. Am I nearly correct in assuming that there wouldn't be a really BIG difference between the '00 Eldo and the '01 Eldo? Apart from a hinky-dink here and an frammastatz there, I was under the impression that the last couple of years of Eldorado were virtually identical...
I don't think the content is different at all since you're right in your assertion that no changes were made on the Eldo since 00 (revised engine); however, the layout of the manual may be easier to use or more user friendly. It's my understanding they can get frustrating, and they've only improved them as time goes by.
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