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FS Various Escalade Parts

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I recently sold my Escalade, so I need to make space and need these gone. What you see in the pictures is what you get, they are actual pictures of the items. All prices include shipping.

OEM Memory 1 Fob (Extra one I had that was almost never used). $25
Technology Electronic device Automotive tire Electronics Auto part
Electronic device Technology Switch Electronics Electronic component

OEM Painted door handles (set of 4). $125
Red Bumper Automotive lighting Automotive exterior Vehicle

2012-2014 Premium OEM fender vents (Both Sides) One has broken guide pin as you can see in pictures. $50
Bumper Emblem Auto part Automotive wheel system Car
Bumper Grille Automotive exterior
Bumper Automotive exterior Grille Vehicle Auto part

2012-2014 Premium OEM Painted hood trim. $70
Bumper Automotive exterior Spoiler Auto part Vehicle
Bumper Automotive exterior Rim

Airaid Intake tube $110
Bicycle handlebar Pipe Font Auto part Muffler

If someone would like to take EVERYTHING, PM me for a special price. Thank you.
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Thread bump....everything still available.
Do you still have the remote FOB? I am interested. Thanks.
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