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Motor is stock heads, custom cam, stock bottom end. Only has 80K miles on it. The motor powered a 95 Fleetwood Caddy. down the 1320 at [email protected]

Motor is currently disassembled for the valve train to be redone, the bottom end is complete. Plans have changed and we are going in a different direction. Motor will come complete with stock corvette alum heads. The block is a 4 bolt main corvette motor.

Current parts that go with the motor.
Its a complete package, WILL NOT SEPERATE.

224/236 114 Lsa just under 560 lift
11755-16 7/16 Crane gold race nsa 1.6 rr.
795-16 Beehive spring retainers
134-7103 Rocker studs arp 7/16
26915-16 Beehive valve springs
134-3601 Head bolts arp
26915-16 Retainers
200-agp iskie guideplates
614-16 locks
9966-pt head gasket
459-56pt timing cover
300-1001 cam gear bolts
134-2101 intake manifold bolts
134-7901 oil pump driveshaft

All of the above are brand NEW IN BOX parts.

Included with the motor is the:
F and B body acss. brakcets.
Ac comp.
Intake manifold complete
Exhaust manifolds
edelbrock true roller timing chain
power steering pump
flywheel x2
throttle body
pollution pump

Also included is a delteq module with 2 caddy ballast resistors for northstar coil per cylender

Asking 1800$ shipping not included.
Local pick up is more then welcomed.

Detailed pics will be supplied upon request, serious inquiries only.

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