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Front suspension sensors?

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Is the front suspension on a '92 ETC air ride like the back?

The reason I'm asking is that in my hunt to figure out the source of my 'service ride control' message, I discovered two wires that look identical to the shock sensors on the rear end, on the front end, coming into the engine compartment through the wheel wells. The only thing is that they're not connected to anything, and I'm not sure where (if anywhere) they should go. They're connected to the front struts, but I haven't a clue where they should be plugged in once they come into the engine compartment. Any thoughts as to why they're disconnected, and could this be the source of the message?

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No, the fronts are not the same as the rears. How long have you woned the car? Perhaps the active front struts where replaced with passive to save money. That would trigger the message you have.
I've had the car for a little over a month.

I read in another thread about the IPC override option, but when I go into onboard diagnostics, there is no option for "IPC Override"

How can I shut it off?
Awesome, thanks!

Worked like a freakin charm.
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