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Anyone else had problems with their front lower ball joint?

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My 05’ STS squeaked whenever turning the wheel at low speeds. I would spray silicone & red tacky grease on just about everything that moved behind the wheels & the squeaking would stop for a little while. This went on for a couple of months driving 100 or so miles per day on Interstates. Then the other day when making a turn not even 2 blocks from my house something broke on the front right side & she sat down on top of the now leaned in tire. Come to find out my annoying squeak might be the reason my beautiful caddy becomes a yard ornament. The front right lower ball joint completely came apart. Not only can I not find just a ball joint because it has to be bought together with a control arm but I’m also being told I can’t just buy 1 they have to be bought in pairs! That’s $300+ just for parts!! If anybody has any ideas or a suspension for sale please advise. Ty.
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