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Front left shaft lose

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Yes as you are reading this, a front left shaft has lots play and clucking, just even moving by arm.
So my wife was told me something clucking at front of the car. So I took car to my friend's garage - shop, lift car and find left shaft is lose and making clucking noise, and the oil leaking from front diff at shaft connection. That is surprised I thought drive train on these cars are bulletproof. So I called dealer and they picked it up, since I'm still have CPO. It's really disappointing and real warning, now I'm thinking was it bad decision to buy this truck?
I'm really ok with electrical issues, O2 sensors and ect types of problem, since any car has same problems, but drivetrain is warning flag !!!!!!!!!!
I mean this is major problem and can end up with big accident, if shaft is separating from diff. My wife was driving today with 5 kids to local inside pool.
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So the dealer called and told me they have replaced seal last time on front diff, but something happen inside front diff already or after, so they have to rebuild diff.
So I think guys check make sure no leaks otherwise will be too late.
Repair is done, There is a list with repair items. I hope you will never same problem as I said it's very rare per dealer service department.

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Well the saga is continue. I came home and saw oil drops, well you can see for yourself leaking again. Today went back to dealer, they said it's leaking where are two parts diff get together.
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So I got my car back, apparently it was "hair" crack in the diff. casing. So the service adviser is suspected, when the bearing failed on left side ( it was completely fall a part ), the housing took a stress and developed crack right up to fill port.
So they have to R&R whole differential housing and some parts with it.
One more I wanted to add, they put synthetic gear oil and they recommended replace every 40,000 miles
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