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The front HVAC blower motor quit working on my 2000 deville.
back seat HVAC blower works.
no codes.
I read a lot of posts but am confused.
I think there are 2 blower motors, right?
On my caddy, is the front blower motor inside the cabin or under the hood?
Any directions for diagnosing it as the problem and/or replacing it?

The Northstar Tuner
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Blower Motor and Fan Replacement
Removal Procedure
  1. Remove the right side sound insulator. Refer to Closeout/Insulator Panel Replacement - Right in Instrument Panel, Gauges, and Console.
  2. Pull back the carpet near the blower motor.

  3. Remove the IP compartment. Refer to Storage Compartment Replacement - Instrument Panel (I/P) in Instrument Panel, Gauges, and Console. ????????
  4. Remove the dash integration module from the bracket. Refer to Dash Integration Module Replacement in Body Control System. ?????????
  5. Remove the two rear dash integration module bracket fasteners. ???????
  6. Reposition the dash integration module bracket in order to remove the blower motor. ???????

  7. Disconnect the electrical connector (2) from the blower motor.
  8. Remove the blower motor retaining fasteners (1).
  9. Rotate and remove the blower motor from the vehicle.
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