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My front blower locked up a few days ago, and I just got around to fixing it without having to buy a new one. I neglected to take pictures, but it wasn't that hard. FYI, a new one will cost over $100.
I removed the blower, which simply involved unscrewing and pulling down the insulator panel, unplugging the cable, and rotating the blower base while pulling down on the one locking tab that keeps it in place. Once removed, it was immediately evident that the fan was VERY difficult to turn by hand. My particular failure was clearly due to water intrusion from several instances of my evaporator drain being clogged.
I then removed the plastic cap from the very base of the assembly and the small circular rubber insulator therein. There is also a small block of foam around the base of the plus that is easily removed. I was greeted by a ton of nasty corrosion and debris. I then began spraying Deoxit contact cleaner in every crevice and hole I saw while spinning the fan by hand. In no time, the fan was spinning like new. I continued to spray Deoxit and working it around different angles until I was satisfied that the internals were as clean as I could get them. I followed that up with compressed air to dry it all out, reassembly, and re installation. I would recommend folling up with Deoxit Gold to preserve the contacts, but I didn't have it on hand.
It's now back to perfect and quiet working order!
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