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Front End Vibration

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I have about 18,000 miles on my 2012 V Sedan. Original front tires still fitted, but I am replacing them next week. My concern is that when I approach 70 - 80 miles per hour, I begin to feel a slight roughness coming from the front end. It doesn't feel like wheels out balance because the steering wheel doesn't shake. It just feels rough. Is there anything I should have the service guys check when I bring it in. Could it be wheel bearings, suspension, or something else? Perhaps the tires are so badly worn that they are causing this? I don't think they will be willing to replicate the problem since it occurs above the speed limit.
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Original PS2's? If so I would think the tires are the cause. My originals got pretty rough over 10K miles. On a more positive note, the PSS's have better traction and last a lot longer.
All four PS2's, on my 2011 Coupe, were cupped at 3K miles. The car had been sitting in a cold (below freezing) garage throughout a winter. I suspect that the low temperatures, storage time, and summer compound each contributed. Alignment and balance were OK. The car was about two years old at that point.
If your wheel doesn't shake, your front balance is fine. Are you sure it's in the front end?

I would recommend just getting the new tires and an alignment. Let the shop know what you've felt. Get it back and go from there.
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