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Wanted to pick some brains about a front end overhaul on a 94 eldorado. Getting ready to replace some major components, and although I have no specific issues, I'm concerned that taking the lot of it apart (replacing struts/shocks and springs) may aggravate any lurking issues. Figured I'd look into replacing what needs it normally at this mileage while she's apart. I'd take it to a dealer, but I'm not really looking to get f&$*@ in the a**.

Had my local dealer (a year or so ago) tell me I needed a total overhaul. Bad oil pump, bad this, bad that. No oil pressure, the dash said. "couldn't it be a sensor" i said. "nope, bad pump" the dealer said. Thanks to Bbobbyinski for his great advice. $8.50 and an hour later, happy again. So I'll be sure after the work to pass on any information I may gain from putting the springs in. Planning on going with the Boston kit for the shocks....

All I'm really looking for is a short list of likely suspects when it comes to front end wear. bearings, bushings, joints and the like. Any suggestions?
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