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Want a front mounted cd player so did i so i was just about ready to rip out my bose and redo the entire system. Well that seemed to difficult so i figured out a much simpler way to do things. You need a cassette adapter, an after market cd player and enough wire to run 3 wires from your battery to your glove box. 1st run two wires from the positive terminal on your battery and one from the ground terminal to your glove box. Connect one positive wire to a switch then to the red wire on the aftermarked cd player, the other positive wire directly to the yellow wire and the ground wire to the black wire. Next get an rca adapter that turns red and white rca into a single head phone jack (at radioshack or some place like it). Plug the red and white rcas into the rear output on the aftermarked cd player. Push the cassette adapter in your radio run the wire from there into your glove box. Connect the tape adapter wire to the rca adapter. Turn on the switch you installed turn your stock radio source to tape and there you go!!! Hope this helps everyone whos stuck with a bs tape player
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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