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from factory to dealer

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Does anyone know how long it takes a car to get from factory to dealer? I have a 2006 CTS (2.8, 6MT, Stealth Grey, stereo upgrade) ordered through a dealer in Ontario, scheduled to be built next week. He thinks at least 2 weeks until I get it. The problem is I ordered it 8 weeks ago and I find myself getting distracted knowing the car is coming.:bonkers:
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I have ordered many cars/trucks. Take at least 2 weeks in transit from my experience but will depend on day of week built. It will go by train to Canada (thru Customs), probably to Oshawa GM center and then on to dealer by truck. All the assembly plant have rail heads where the shippers operate out of. GM does not ship it, thats contracted out.

For example, on my 2002 Firebird the dealer office staff was able to tell me when it was loaded on the train and departed Ste Therese and that it was destined for Janesville Assembly rail head. Left Ste Therese on a Tue and was delivered dealer the following Thursday PM, 9 days after leaving assembly plant.
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