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2004 Escalade AWD 6.0L V8 A/T
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I'm not sure where this should be placed so please move it to it's best place.

Below is a link to Free Online Workshop Repair Manuals for just about EVERY Make, Model and Year vehicle!

Free Online Workshop Repair Manuals

The manuals are very detailed and complete! Navigate the file tree on the left of your vehicles page. The only caveat is, and it is no big deal at all, every other page that loads will load a small donation nag on top of your page. Either the close "X" or just click on the page your wanting underneath the nag and it goes away. I don't know if you donate if it goes away for good or not BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE AT ALL.

I hope this is useful for you. I know I use it all the time!
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