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Yo whats good?

We Got Four Mallett CTS V's at Mallett Cars LTD. Being converted to Mallett Stage one packages.

We also have custom Escalades, XLRs, XLR Vs, in the process of being built.

Let me know...

Martin Cadillac

2007 CTS-V
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Re: 1G6DN57U370144082 - Mallett #07V-006

I have found a used 2007 CTS-V with Stage 1 Mallett package (07V-06) at a used car dealer in Eastlake, Ohio. It was modified by Mallett in January 7, 2007 and shipped to your Englewood Cliffs store. I have confirmed with Chuck that this was a drop ship directly to him from the factory for modification for Martin Cadillac. He has issued a letter of authenticity to go with the car. Here's the information that I've found so far on the car:
8/31/2007; Dealer Stock (Martin); 357 miles
9/12/2008; Dealer Stock; 525 miles
Summer 2009 - Martin's son supposedly drove this car as a demo.
6/3/2009; Wheels damaged & replaced; 1,569 miles
8/7/2009; On Line Auction; 4,980 miles
8/17/2009; Sold at PA Auto Auction as dealer vehicle.
8/27/2009; Titled in Roselle, NJ ???
9/8/2009; Titled in Cleveland, Ohio by dealer
9/15/2009; Titled in Eastlake, OHio by current dealer.
1/7/2010; Battery replaced; 6,488 miles
2/26/2010; Washer line replaced; 6,522

So that's what I've been able to find out about the vehicle. Can you add any details? Was this Martin's son's demo? I was told that one of the wheels was curbed which caused the replacement(s) at 1,569 miles. Did it ever have any paint/body work done? Any mechanical work or issues? It appears that you sold it about the same time that Mallett was going into bankrupcy. Is that why you sold it at Auction? Is there anything unusual or squirrely about this car? I'm in Texas and it's a long way to drive to Ohio to check out a car only to find that there's problems with this car that I could have found out by conversing with you. The current owner (used car dealer) says the car is a straight up car with no deducts. He says that it's like new inside and out; no mechanical problems; and that the paint has never been broken. Can you confirm any of this?

Any information you could provide is greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your time,
George E. Dupont
1400 Harvest Ridge Lane
Prosper, TX 75078-9130
Home: 214-585-0108
Cell: 214-232-5170
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