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A few days ago, I posted about my new 17" STS wheels, 8" wide in back, 7" in front...

In terms of Tire Sizes, I read this on Tire Rack:
17" Recommended: 235/50-17

17" Alternate Front: 235/50-17

17" Alternate Rear: 255/45-17

Okay, interesting.

CTS V6 3.6 wrote that he uses these tires:

Front: 235/45/17
Rear: 245/45/17

Although I kinda understand a bit about tires, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or insight into what I should get. For example, advantages or disadvantages of each.

Please note that this is for summer driving only.

Your advice is always welcome!



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example: fronts

9.25"(.50)=4.626" sidewall height

CTS V6 3.6's tire size (front)
9.25"(.45)=4.163" sidewall height

4.626"-4.163" = .463" difference in sidewall height or a shade under a half inch

thus...i think the 45 series will look nicer and won't effect ride too much, versus the 50 series which will probably make a less shocky ride (i can't imagine it would even be too noticeable) and you will have more sidewall, so it might not look as sporty.
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