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I am having overheating issues and after I post this message (if I'm even posting this in the correct spot) I'll look through the forums and see what helps me best.

I switched out my starter a couple weeks ago and noticed coolant in the valley of the motor. A few days before the starter went out I was having overheating issues. When I drive it through the city it would overheat but if I'm on the interstate the temp is normal.

When I bought the car about 10 months ago the ac compressor locked up on me and I thought it was the starter. When I checked the starter then, I noticed a little coolant in the valley but I wasn't having overheating problems at that time. I also put a new thermostate in before winter hit but it could be a bad thermostate as well.

I also changed a few hoses and did a pressure check and it held pressure perfect.

If anyone could help that would be great!

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It could be a leaky head gasket, which is not too likely as they rarely leak externally or a leaky crossover manifold gasket. At least I THINK the crossover could leak in there. I believe the TB has coolant running through it, but not sure if it could leak there. A close inspection should tell.

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Check at the rear upper edge of the block. It is hard to see for the untrained eye but where the crossover bolts to the cylinder head (near the EGR valve for instance) there are two flat seals for the "crossover".
If those are leaking it could flow over and accumulate inside the valley. I'd look there first.
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