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Found a Video About K STS....apparently he is a internet scammer...

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It is a flash video fyi.
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thats crazy. ive seen some of his posts on here a while back.
Well that's some crazy stuff. Wonder if he paid for the V.


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Very Funny :D

That's kinda old new here though, Jay quickly made his deviant personality quite obvious ;)

He was banned here So Many times for his association with internet scams on the Mustang Forum and trying to sell here. He then, incessantly re-registered again & again as "KTS/RidgevilleSTS/STS on 20s/B-Town/jsmith2" and Many others as well as abused Moderators here like Jesda.

I know him, from here, as a mentally ill sociopath and the most arrogant punk I may have Ever run across but revelations like "AIDS infected ******" prove just how WACKED this individual really is :florian:
LOL!! that was to funny. Yeah that punk needs an attitude adjustment.
Yeah im pretty new here so I didnt get to really experience his ego, just that one time when he was selling his car, i was just surfing a funny site i usually look at and I was checking this weeks top hits and that was like number 4 and I thought nothing of it untill i saw K STS on one of the pics... i was like whhhaaaa
thats crazy. ive seen some of his posts on here a while back.
He was band for a while, but got reinstated for some reason. I knew something was phoney about him when he was giving all of that info on that STS.
I suspect there's some complexity here. K's a mix of craving approval and a grifter on the make. That can't be easy.
Yeah the creator of the video is actually tying to gather as much information as he can, because apparently he owes a lot of people money. Even his hometown police dept has a wanted profile on him. I wish we could of known of this sooner lol
I bought a set of Nav disks from him on Ebay (didn't know it was him at the time) and I got a good price and quick delivery--can't complain.
Well, high five.
you can't do bad without doing some good. else there can't be any trust.
Gee, at least he looks better there than in his prom picture.... :stirpot:


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