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Here's a link: at DuckDuckGo

Put it on the Favourites Bar or bookmark it where it's handy.

When in need, click it and you will see this page come up (I prefer dark theme):
Computer Font Screenshot Electronic device Multimedia

Click to the right of and type in the needed search terms:

Font Screenshot Technology Electronic device Software

In the above example I put dts no start with the results below.

I have Duck Duck Go set to:
Communication Device Font Mobile device Gadget Screenshot

Infinite Scroll: This allows for more results using the scroll wheel or the grabbing the scroll bar on the right side of the browser to move down.
Open Links in a New Tab: Self explanatory. I prefer links to show up in a new tab so I can keep track of what I've clicked on and where I've scrolled to. Not all browsers go back and sit where one leaves off.

Happy searching!
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