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Ford Pinto gas tank

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:bomb:Is anyone like me, worried by the fact that the battery sits right next to the fuel filler neck and just above the gas tank. This sounds like a recipe for disaster like the Ford Pinto's exploding gas tank. I'm sure glad there are connections under the hood for jump starting the car , I sure wouldn't want any sparks flying in that area of the trunk. I truly question the logic in this design. At least put the battery on the opposite side would not be great but better. I wonder if there have been any safety issues reported in relation to this set-up.
Idle minds just want to know.:hide:
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Correct me if I am wrong, but the fill neck does not enter the rear compartment. It runs inside the 1/4 down to the tank.
The Pinto's problem occurred when the vehicle was involved in a rear end crash; the tank was just out-there and vulnerable to impact. The rear mounted battery in the CTS is well insulated, and not in harms way, as it were.
No big 3 engineer (or accountant) would create a questionable safety issue for any of us. LOL
Your talking "ernie engeers" here, no offence to the silver ring community but for the most part they have the vision and sensibilities of Star Trek Borg! Ever get excited over a well engineered sewer?

BMW e39 has the same set-up - no issues that I know of. I had mine for 6 years.....
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