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Sigh...another list based on the long discredited Consumer Reports machine. It's not even worth delving into anymore, just move along.

It's not without it's accuracies - i.e. the Lincolns and desperately-in-need-of-a-redesign Chryslers. But just read some of the's laughable. I mean the freakin Suburban is on there...if that's not enough to instantly discredit the list then pretty much nothing is.

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Same result.
here ya go -

WOW - Cadillac made the list - TWICE -


gotta love the comments about the Eurolac ATS -

gruff and under-powered turbocharged engine,
very cramped seat and trunk,
difficult entry and exiting,
and its confounding controls.

never in a MILLION YEARS would you expect to see these comments about a REAL Cadillac -


and the XTS - ya - well - just an "also ran" in the long list of Eurolacs -


ya - I know -
I'll save ol' stinger and blackbird and the other guy with brown seats the effort - :horse:

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Try as I could, I couldn't get to that page with the "Continue" tab ......... Thanks.

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