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03 CTS 3.2L (Sold) / 09 CBR 600rr /2014 GMC Sierra
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I had general uhp on my 18s and put 20k on them and they still had a lot of tread,
Ill. Be putting these tires on my 20s in the next couple months, the 20s I bought came with
Some crappy tires, I figure ill wear them out a little b4 replacing them.
Also I had hankook K104 tires on the 20s on my truck, those tires were amazing
But not cheap...I prob put 60,000km on them if not a lot more and they were above
The wear bar when I sold them with the rims. But the retail on them was $450 I think
Also heard they lost the copywright of the tread pattern
To kuhmo
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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