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For the record, a re-cap of cold air intake posts from various threads:

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OK, HTH, and please don't shoot the messenger:

03-19-2009: 04:19 PM: (JTHennessey) True Cold Air Intakes – Instock!: “True Cold Air intakes – Instock”: Want to add a quick 15 hp? This is the solution. Completely replaces the factory intake system with our true cold air intake. Last week, Nick @ American Racing Headers was able to test this induction system and was able to show a gain of 18 rwhp!!! Awesome setup. Images attached to this post

05-21-2009: 09:06 AM: “New Era CTS-V Cold Air Intake”: Mike @ New Era tuned a 09 CTSV and tested our intake on it. It made 451rwhp and 437rwtq in stock form and it picked up 34rwhp and 28rwtq with the New Era 09 CTSV intake untuned. After Mike tuned it, it made 505rwhp and 470rwtq.

05-14-2010: 03:11 PM: KPE Cold Air Intake: Designed to draw cold air and fit with the factory engine bay trim. The first CTS-V intake to feature injection molded plastic tube and large filter protected in sealed powdercoated aluminum box. Makes 24 RWHP on a stock motor and even more with other modifications.

06-06-2010: 06:32 PM: Airaid 250-253 - Best prices – Free Shipping!: Airaid Cold Air Intake System for the 2009-2010 Cadillac CTS-V 6.2L Supercharged V8 includes a modular intake tube, air dam and highflow washable air filter. This System will give you 28 HP and 43 FT/LBS of Torque with out a Tune.

07-31-2010: 04:55 PM: KPE: Re: All KPE CAI owners………Instead of using our car, we grabbed a used 2010 CTS-V straight off the lot from our local Cadillac Dealer with 7980 miles which was bone stock. We then installed the KPE intake, and they ran the car again on the dyno..………….they took the average of the three runs which proved an 11 hp increase. They did have a run that showed +20 but the average at full temperature was +11.

07-31-2010: 06:53 PM: newcadman: Re: All KPE CAI owners: As indicated I took my 2009 V auto V (7000 miles) to the same (dynojet) dyno where it was previously tested when it was bone stock…………… Three pulls were made with the now installed KPE cai. End result, the engine made 8 MORE rwhp on its best pull than it did on its previous best bone stock pull.
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Thanks for taking the time to do this.
Thanks for the info. Sooo somewhere between 8-34hp ;) I would really like to see some quarter mile runs stock, then with ambiant( he he) air intake. I read 03-04 cobras picked up 20-30 rwhp by putting K&N directly on MAF meter and getting rid of factory air box. Buicks have been proven to make best power with filter directly on mass air meter housing as well. Yea, injesting all that underhood heat and all. IMO, the less restriction, the better. Even at the expense of "more" underhood temp vs "cold" fenderwell(or wherever it draws from) air. IMO of course.
I've tried several combinations of cai & filter elements. I found the perfect combination imho. I'll post up more later
I've tried several combinations of cai & filter elements. I found the perfect combination imho. I'll post up more later
Sounds interesting!!! please do tell:bouncy:
Photos of Intakes
Wait for Me

(Photo by Curtis)​
KPE Intake

Airraid Intake

D3 intake

If they all claim 8-12 HP which is best for the money?
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I'm digging the D3's design. Plus the price is down to 395. I wish I could find a pic of D3's filter. Hmmm.
there is a new era performance one which i have and i purchased off ebay very similair to the d3 intake
ERA performance info from eBay:
"Our New Era CAI for your 09 CTSV picked up 34hp/28ft lbs over stock untuned on our test car and picked up another 20hp/5 ft lbs after a tune. Includes K&N Filter, Instructions,CNC Billet MAF Flange for stock MAF sensor, 304 Stainless Steel piping and hardware. Unit is Powdercoated Black Chrome."

So total improvement was 54hp/33ft lbs ?
The new era is nearly identical to Wait4me's. The only difference is that the new era is 1pc & heavy ( steel i believe ). Jesse's is lightweight, comes in 3pcs, and gives you a little more filter adjustability because of the individual segments. Also new era has the vent clip going inside the intake pipe where Jesse's is on the coupler and doesnt go inside the intake.
Razor, what happened to the best combination you were going to tell us about? :bouncy:
If they all claim 8-12 HP which is best for the money?
the cheapest one?
if anyone has a better pic of a d3 cai please post
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