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For the 2006 EXT.. How many gallons does the tank...

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Just wondering if anyone knows what size tank we have on the 2006 Esclade EXT's.. just trying to get an estimate on how much gas im gonna spend/use getting to and from Ohio.. So if anyone knows how many gallons the tank holds that would be great.. Thanks
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According to this 31 gallons


EPA passenger volume (cu ft / L):
front: 63 / 1795; second row: 56.8 / 1608

Trailer towing maximum (lb / kg):
7300 / 3402

Fuel tank (gal / L):
31 / 117

Engine oil (qt / L):
6 / 5.6

Cooling system (qt / L):
13 / 12

Payload (lb / kg):
1154 / 523
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wow.. so i could make it to ohio with 1 tank of gas?? assuming i get 15 miles to the gallon at 31 gallons thats 465 miles which is actually more than my destination.. never would have thought that.. sounds good to me...
Use this to calculate your trip. Last trip I took it was 100% accurate.
wow.. thanks for the link.. says roundtrip is gonna be like 130 in gas.. great site.. too bad i cant input that on the way back ill be towing 6000 lbs..
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