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Well, turns out the problems with the transmission shifting was the two shift solenoids, They both appeared to be ok but we tested them and one sounded like it was working the other was about dead. Anyway,
very happy was about 100.00 to fix thanks to the help from everyone here. Just wonder how many times Cadillac Service dept told people it needed a new transmission and all it was the solenoids.....

Here is something that scares me to death on going to the caddy dealer, I went there to get the shifdt solenoids, I asked for a "shift solenoid kit" they said "huh"...I explained that it should have 2 solenoids, a filter and a l bracket to secure the filter and a longer bolt. They were absolutly CLUELESS.

Keep in mind this is AFTER they sold me the wrong parts on friday, wrong solenoids, gaskets, filters everything. Well ripped it apart on sunday and thats when we discovered they were wrong, so waited to monday...After 30 Min of these two IDIOTS trying to find the right solenoids and filter I was ready to give up. They found them at 38.99 Per solenoid... and had to order them and still had NO IDEA about the bracket bolt and filter.

A buddy who used to work on transmissions had me check with a company called ATC (american transmission club, I think) and they
had the entire kit all in one package all of it with tax 56.61 *YIPPY*
Genuine Ac delco parts.

This place was AWESOME has EVERY part for auto transmissions...if anyone in the Louisville ky area wants more info let me know.

The main place in a GA with wharehouse all over the country. Anyway just wanted to let people know about this place.

Thanks again for all the help couldnt have done it without this membership with be coming shortly :thumbsup:

BTW anyone know a good place to get a GOOD alternator for a 93 STS?

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BTW anyone know a good place to get a GOOD alternator for a 93 STS

What alternator are you looking for. oem quality if so go to a place like napa, pepboys, national etc....
If you can bring the old one with you to save the trip so you don't get the core charge.
Hope that helps ya
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