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Everything that I researched pointed at the crank position sensors. On the Northstar there are 2 located on the side of the block facing the front of the car above the front motor mount and almost behind the exhaust manifolds.

Part # 10457516

The following are the tools required for the job.
At leat 3 sections of 5" long 1/4" extensions, 1/4" 10mm socket, 1/4 swivel, 15/16 wrench, 10mm wrench, oil filter removal tool.

There's a plastic cover held by 3 - 10mm bolts that attaches to the cross sub frame. Start by removing those. The cover out of the way serves as access to some of the bolts holding the oil filter adapter as well as the bolts that hold down the crank position sensors (CPS). After the cover is removed, remove the oil filter and allow to drain. On Deville Concours there is an oil cooler, this cooler has two lines going to the oil filter adapter, these are the feed and return lines. Remove these lines from the oil filter adapter 15/16 wrench. These lines have oil in them so ones they are removed find the lowest position in order to allow the oil that's in the lines to drain out. Once the lines are disconnected from the oil filter adapter and drained, proceed to remove the oil filter adapter. The adapter is held onto the block by 2 - 10mm bolts, be carefull not to lose the O rings that seal between the adapter and the engine block. Once the bolts are removed holding the adapter carefully lower the adapter and unplug the oil sending unit which is attached to the adapter. Carefully lower the adapter and set aside. Now you have some access to the bolts that hold down the CPS. First unplug the sensors since the plugs are in the way of the bolts that hold the sensors in place (one bolt per sensor). Use the 1/4" extensions along with the 1/4 swivel and a 10mm socket to get at the bolts. I found that by entering from where plastic cover that was removed in the beginning of the process, is the best angle to reach the bolts. Do one at a time, start with the lowest sensor first then the upper. Reverse the process and your done.
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