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2001 ETC Sequoia
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madooch said:
the fog light on the passenger side keeps blowing out had to replace the bulb three times in the last 6 months can there be a short or is it something else any info here guys.
The worst a "short circuit" might be blamed for would be the fog light remaining constantly on. I'm going to assume that the replacement bulbs you are using are quality units.

Next, overvoltage would be suspect as a cause of premature failure. Of course a host of other problems would then be present. Absent those, overvoltage is not a likely suspect. AND, since it's only the passenger side, we have to look elsewhere.

Besides overvoltage, the number two killer of bulbs is rapidly turning them on and off. Do you notice any "flicker" on the passenger side fog light?

If so, I would be concerned about intermittent wiring supplying +12 volts to the fog lamp. Next, I'd suspect the ground return for the bulb. That would be the socket and its associated wiring.

Lamp sockets are known to be troublesome on our vehicles. I'd start there.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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