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Fob Re-learn?

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Last week, I purchased a '05 STS4. The dealer, however, only had one fob so he ordered me a new fob (#2.) Well, today the dealer programmed the new fob, but he did it to read as fob #3. Consequently, the fob will open the doors and start the car, but it will not recall the #2 memory positions. So, how do I retrain the fob to be the #2 fob?

Although this is my first post on this forum, I am a member of the ('05 Black/Red/Black Corvette) and the ('07 Black/Tan Avalanche.) From my previous experience, the forums are full of useful information. For example, today I brought in the TSB number for the tranny software update and now the tranny shifts smooth as silk. Thanks everybody!!!

As soon as I get some pictures taken, I'll post them.
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Took the car back to the dealer on Friday. Unfortunately, to erase the existing fobs without an unrecognized fob, the dealer has to do it. In any case, the fobs are now working correctly.:bouncy: :)
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