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fluids change 43k

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Cts 3.6 di early 2008, 43k miles. Car was used for short fast trips, so I am going to change fluids in AT, differential, engine coolant, brakes...
However, I am not sure which method for tranny fluid would be the best in this case. Should I deinstall the pan and change filter and just refill with new fluid or just drain and refill?
I am also looking for any voice convincing to not use GM fluids... Any recommendations?
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Any recommendations regarding AT/cool/differential non-GM fluid manufacturers?
Thanks. I heard some good opinions about amsoil products, I will try it.

However, I still can't decide what to do with tranny. Should I only replace fluid or drop the pan and replace the filter also? I am not satisfied with gear shifting but it maybe doesn't mean something wrong with tranny. Car has 43k miles but was used mostly for short fast rides.
Any advices would be very appreciated.
I used:
AMSOIL 5W-30 Signature Series 100% Synthetic Oil
AMSOIL Signature Series Fuel-Efficient Synthetic ATF
AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR 75W-90 Synthetic EP Lubricant
AMSOIL Slip Lock Gear Oil Additive
Prestone Dex-Cool Extended Life
Should I use Slip lock additive together with severe gear 75w-90 ep lubricant? On the additive product they wrote it is not required, but in the product lookup they wrote " With limited slip add 3.38 oz with rear cover removed,
with rear drain plug removed 2.37 oz GM P/N 1052358 or
I am confused. Is amsoil slip lock equivalent to gm additive?
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