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Fluid Check 100,000 Mile

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Hello all,

I want to start by saying I've done a lot of research on this site so I'm pretty sure I know what I need for materials but I just wanted to verify. Below is a picture of the fluids I purchased today at cut rate auto parts to do a transmission filter change and differential fluid change. My car is an 3.6L 04 and it has 98k miles on it.

Starting from left to right:

First as you can see I have Mobil 1 synthetic gear lubricant, I have 2 quarts.

Next I have Super ATF transmission fluid. I purchased 7 quarts because I was told the reservoir holds 6.2.

Next is some KW knock'er loose penetrant. I just sprayed this on the nuts for the transmission pan.

Next is GM limited slip. Now I was unsure if i needed this but I was wondering that if I don't will it hurt anything? My diff makes a good amount of noise on acceleration but from what I'm told, all of our cars do.

Finally a T45 drive bit.

Also I have a fluid transfer pump so I can easily fill the reservoirs.

Now I Just wanted to know before I continue do i have all the correct fluids? I was told to get the differential plugs i need a 10mm allen wrench, which i have.

Lastly do i need to spray the caps for both the transmission and differential with the knock'er loose? I believe my transmission has never been serviced so I don't want to strip any bolts.

Please let me know what you think. I am following the diagrams linked below:



Thank you in advance guys.
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Just use what you already bought, it will work just fine.
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