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Fluid Check 100,000 Mile

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Hello all,

I want to start by saying I've done a lot of research on this site so I'm pretty sure I know what I need for materials but I just wanted to verify. Below is a picture of the fluids I purchased today at cut rate auto parts to do a transmission filter change and differential fluid change. My car is an 3.6L 04 and it has 98k miles on it.

Starting from left to right:

First as you can see I have Mobil 1 synthetic gear lubricant, I have 2 quarts.

Next I have Super ATF transmission fluid. I purchased 7 quarts because I was told the reservoir holds 6.2.

Next is some KW knock'er loose penetrant. I just sprayed this on the nuts for the transmission pan.

Next is GM limited slip. Now I was unsure if i needed this but I was wondering that if I don't will it hurt anything? My diff makes a good amount of noise on acceleration but from what I'm told, all of our cars do.

Finally a T45 drive bit.

Also I have a fluid transfer pump so I can easily fill the reservoirs.

Now I Just wanted to know before I continue do i have all the correct fluids? I was told to get the differential plugs i need a 10mm allen wrench, which i have.

Lastly do i need to spray the caps for both the transmission and differential with the knock'er loose? I believe my transmission has never been serviced so I don't want to strip any bolts.

Please let me know what you think. I am following the diagrams linked below:



Thank you in advance guys.
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Sorry, to clarify I am sketched out about the ATF fluid. I'm going to have this car for a long time and I don't wanna wreck my tranny.
If you are really worried about it, take the fluid back and purchase DEXTRON VI ATF. Problem solved. You will get yes and no answers on this forum all the time because everyone here has their own opinion. It's like that with any forum that's devoted to a specific product (cars, electronics, guns, etc).
If they seem tighter than normal or if it's your first time doing this it wont hurt. Just don't over do it.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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