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FLowmasters - anyone running them?

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I have a 12 Vagon and really like the sounds of a flomaster muffler ( have them on my other cars). Is anyone running them on a V? anyone have suggestions on which model would be best for good throaty sound and minimal drone? If you are running a set can you post a sound bite for me to hear?

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The 40 series resonate in the interior, the 50 do too but not as bad. A straight through design like the magnaflow or even the aero turbine will not resonate as bad. With a specifically engineered design like the Corsa you will have no resonating inside the car. I thought a lot about changing out my exaust but have decieded to just stick with the stock mufflers in a car like the V. I don't want it sounding like a 60's muscle car anyhow.
I know, over a grand is crazy for just a pair of mufflers, your not gonna see me spending that kind of money. I had thought about buying a pair of MBRP muffs for 100 bucks a pieced and just doing them myself. I had those muffs on my truck and they sounded good. The only problem is they might resonate some in the caddy.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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