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About 100 of his elderly patients drove to Jacksonville and crowded into a hotel meeting room to plead with the board to go easy on their flu-shot saviour. Some even suggested an alternative.

"He should get some kind of certificate of award," said Harold Kovach, one of the patients who said he came on his own to lobby for Challa.

Obviously moved and perhaps a little surprised by the showing of support, the board did go easy. Noting there were no ill effects from the unapproved vaccine, the panel voted unanimously to let Challa off with a letter stating the board's concern about his action and requiring him to pick up some of the cost of his prosecution. He also must attend a future Board of Medicine meeting to hear first hand the stories what can happen when doctors make mistake.

"The thing that we would fear would be a doctor in this country could provide the vaccine and instead of all this support, you could have a horde of people calling for your lynching because it killed them," board member John Beebe said. "The process and the law is still a very important one."

Eight million Canadians got this same shot," Challa said afterward
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