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Fleetwood Weather Stripping

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I need to replace the weather striping on my 85 fleetwood Brogham on all 4 doors and the windows. Does any know of any sorces for this besides e-bay?

And why in the hell is it so expensive?
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Check Soff-Seal, and Steele. Honestly, if you need it all, the best bet would be to buy a parts car with good weather stripping. These cars are dirt cheap for those who don't appreciate them like us. You will make money parting out the car, or, swap on your bad weather strips, clean it up, flip it and make $$$.:thumbsup:
Depending on where you live, though, finding a parts car with good stripping may be near impossible, and if it comes out of the car any way like it came out of mine, there won't be much left to re-apply. I suggest going with steele. It'll be a little over 200 bucks for the whole car I think.
davedbusman, I must say you are the man.
I'm not a fan of anything JC Whitney anymore. Too many of their products turned out to be cheap and crappy, especially anything that requires it be custom fitted.

i still say you go with steele.
This is kind of timely for me as well, as I am leaving my 68 outside sometimes and I'm getting tired of putting plastic over my NOS seats to prevent them getting wet if it rains.

I've been looking for years to replace my weatherstripping but every shop (around Toronto) wants me to get my own parts. And Steele only offers products for 68 convertibles, coupes, and hardtop sedans. Mine is a pillared hardtop.

Should I just go ahead and order the kit and get someone to make the best of it? Or better to get a Buick or Olds "pillared" kit that might fit?

I'd really rather pay a pro to do it right but if it comes to it might have to try it myself.
Seems to me you could go to a wrecking yard and strip (and buy) some off a late model wreck. Go to an aviation shop for great glue. GM probably also has good glue for this.

Make sure seams are on vertical posts not on horizontal top part of door.
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