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Well guys, March 8, 2003 I was hit by some kid with no insurance. I was left with this...

I was fortunate to find a 1995 Fleetwood at one of Phoenix's local junk yards. So I cruised around with these beautiful blue doors for 3 months...

Now, 4 months and nearly $8,000 later, my baby has the '95/'96 mirrors I've always wanted, all new exterior chrome and a brand new paint job!

There are more pictures at

The color is called Dark Bronzemist, a color available on 2003 Cadillacs. The old-man soft top is gone and the holes are filled which gives the car a much sleeker look. The gray plastic piece around the license plate is now the same color as the car. I've also powder-coated the rear taillight bezels and the vertical pillar & chrome between the front and rear windows.

I've also replaced every piece of chrome on the exterior with brand new chrome. Though it was pricey, it just wouldn't have looked right with paint and dented/scratched chrome. The gold package is gone (anyone want some gold Caddy emblems?) and replaced with chrome emblems and badging.

(now I've got to get comprehensive insurance!)
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