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Fleetwood limited stereo

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I've got a '98 Fleetwood Limited, from what I understand it doesn't have the Bose sound system(doesn't say bose on deck.)

Anywho, I decided to purchase a aftermarket head unit for my car I bought a installation kid and wiring harness aswell, I hooked the wiring harness up; no power.
So I came onto here looking for answers, and read alot of posts claiming different things.

Some say you have to keep the stock head unit, some say you have to run all new wirings, some peopkle are only saying I have to just tap into a powerwire somewhere else.

I'm looking for a definitive answer, and some help so I can get this thing moving.

How, step by step, do I install this CD player?
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It is a Fleetwood Limited! Keep it as original as you can. Put the original headunit back in and buy a Delco GM 12 disc cd changer ($150 on ebay) and bracket ($20 at dealer) and then it is just plug and play. The car is already pre-wired for the changer in the right side of the trunk. Just remove a few of the clips from the right side trunk carpet and you will see the wire taped down. Just cut a small hole for the wire and then two slits for the bracket and you will have a factory looking installation of the OEM 12 disc cd changer. Goodluck!
If it's not working with the harness, the only thing you can really do is a close inspection to make sure the wiring is hooked up correctly between the harness and the new head unit. If it is, you can try using a multimeter to see if the power wire coming from the harness actually has 12v on it or not. If not, check the fuses to make sure one didn't blow during the replacement. If fuse is good, perhaps the harness is not compatible? Double check to make sure you have the right harness.

If you are unable to debug it (or just don't want to) by double checking and using a multi-meter, about the only other thing you can do is what others have said... go back to stock equipment or run all new wiring.
The main reasoning for wanting a aftermarket deck is because I wanted to intall subwoofers, I could still do it, however, would the cd changer hold up to immense vibration?
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