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2009 CTS White Diamond base, 1992 Brougham White/White 5.7
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Hello all!

The Check Engine light on my 1990 Fleetwood FWD has been on forever. And when I say forever, I mean 7 years. IN that time, the only times it's ever been off is after some kind of engine compartment work when the battery is disconnected. It takes about 5-15 minutes to turn back on when it does go off. No mechanic has been able to diagnose why but it's been so long, and nothing bad has happened.

Now, I haven't been concerned about this as it seems to be something small that hasn't had any real negative impact on the car, but now I plan on selling the car, and it would be nice to have whatever is causing this ironed out once and for all.

Anything I should have checked? A friend told me to just pull the bulb or fuse connected to it but I don't wish to deceive any potential buyers.

One last unrelated question. Could a power flush on this car's engine when changing the oil have any negative effects of there's buildup or anything?
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