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Yes, your '95 should only have the one. '93-'94 Broughams had 3 lumbar buttons: lower, middle, upper. '95-'96 Broughams, however, lost two of these adjustments, and have one central lumbar, and therefore only one button. Kind of a bummer for owners of "newer" Fleetwoods.

All base cars (non-Brougham) have different seats and no lumbar adjustments at all, regardless of year. This is the same with the Roadmaster, as '92-'94 Limiteds had the same 3 adjustable lumbar buttons, while base cars had none. Then, in '95-'96 Roadmasters, the LTD's went down to one, much like the Fleetwood did.

We're lucky enough to have the three adjustments in both our '93 Fleetwood and '92 Roadmaster.

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My guess is that they changed it because it was too complicated for the "target demographic".

There are 11 different settings here:
  1. Heater Off
  2. Heater High
  3. Heater Low
  4. Upper Lumbar Out
  5. Upper Lumbar In
  6. Middle Lumbar Out
  7. Middle Lumbar In
  8. Lower Lumbar Out
  9. Lower Lumbar In
  10. Recliner Up
  11. Recliner Down

and this does not include any of the switches from the armrest.
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