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Flat Hood Ornament Question

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I am about to purchase a 2003 Base DeVille. Could anyone tell me how difficult it is to reaplace the upright hood ornament that comes with the base DeVille with flat wreath and crest ornament on the DHS and DTS models of the 2000 - 2005 body type?

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I'm not sure about other models, but my 01 DHS just has the crest on the grille and nothing on the hood. I'm assuming the place for an upright ornament would be smaller so all you would have to do it glue on the flat one over the hole. This would probably make it appear more raised than it should though.
The flat hood ornament was used only for models with night vision.

just a little fyi :D
Yeah, that flat ornament was all about function, not form. In my opinion it is ugly and looks cheesy.

You could just take out the upright housing thing and glue a flat ornament over the hole. Just remember though that open holes tend to rust.
I have a 98 deville with that damn ugly upright ornament.....i have been wondering how it would look with a flat ornament on this model.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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