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Flash To Pass Noise

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I noticed last night when I pressed the flash to pass I would hear like a clunking noise or banging noise. Has anyone else ever had this problem or hear a noise when using flash to pass? Thanks.
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Did this noise just start happening????

I have never noticed a noise doing the FLASH TO PASS when I was inside the car...
If I am OUTSIDE the car... I can hear the "EYELIDS" open and close...when changing from dim to bright and back again... but it is too little of a noise to hear it from inside the car.

Texas Jim
Yes it just started last night. I never ever heard any noise from "inside" the car when using flash to pass. The lights and system work but they just make a loud noise like a bang or clunky noise.
I would make a wild guess, that one of the eyelids have come loose inside the light assembly.
Or the STOP adjustment is off calibration.

Try this... open the hood...turn the lights on... and have someone do the FLASH TO PASS while you stand at the front of the car.
You should be able to then locate the exact area that the noise is coming from.

Texas Jim
I didn't think our cars had the "flash to pass" feature. Is that not the case?
It only works at night or when you turn the lights on manually.
It does not work during the day because of the DTS having the HID lights.

Texas Jim
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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