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Just thought I would post this in case anyone else is having trouble with thier memory seats.

My memory seats would not go all the way to the correct position. Later on the seat would just stop moving forward or backword using the manual switch. Fix was to replace the seat memory module under the driver side seat.. Part number was 16204900 for my car and was very easy to install. I did not have to unbolt or remove the seat like the manual suggests, I was able to put the seat up as high as possible and replace the module in about 30 minutes (cause I am slow) from the back seat. The module just hangs from the seat spings and just unclips, the hard part was removing the 3 plugs as they are not the easiest to get to but much easier then pulling the seat.

Once the module is replaced you will have to reset your memory positions for driver 1, driver 2 and exit but that was it.. I was able to get the module off ebay for 40 bucks or so (list is over 300). BTW I think there are a couple on ebay right now..

I was a little leery that the memory module would fix the problem as I really thought it was a bad relay, turns out there are relays inside the module:)
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