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Fixed my fuel mileage problem!

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So here I am worrying that the car's going to need some big, expensive parts and work, and for $3, I fixed it.

New PCV valve; car runs like a a champ now.
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Glad you got away cheap on this one - just save the $ you didn't spend, because you still own a Cadillac :)
Is the PCV Valve located on the passenger side of the engine? I would like to change mine as well.

Rear can cover, passenger side. If it rattles when you shake it, it is fine. No need to repace it.
:confused: When was the change to a fixed orifice PCV setup?
PCV Valve: 98 Seville, I didn't know what it was either. I replaced mine when I did my spark plugs...sorry it's a little fuzzy.

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