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Hi Folks,
After more than a year, my map sensor failures have gone away. Previously, the sensor would last maybe 3 months and then start failing. Here is an update to the community in case others run into a similar problem.

Turns out the condensate inside the intake manifold was somehow getting splashed/sloshed around and the condensate was getting inside the MAP sensor, causing it to fail.

With the last sensor I installed over a year ago, I took a piece of vacuum hose 4-5 inches long and turned it into a loop (using plastic wire ties to keep the shape) and pushed one end of the tubing over the end of the MAP sensor inlet. This essentially created a little trap that prevents condensate from reaching the inside of the MAP sensor, but allows the sensor to still accurately sense pressure within the intake manifold.

Here are links to my previous messages...just FYI:
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