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Fixed: Driver side clunk

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I occasionally get a clunking noise from the front driver side. When I hit large bumps. I took the wheel off and checked everything. And all looks good. Everything looks new, shocks aren't leaking. Bushings look great. Nothing that I can visually see looks bad. But today I noticed while driving through a parking lot with large speed bumps. If I turn on sports mode, it doesn't do it. Which leads me to believe that it is the shock tower itself. Or possibly just the stiffness of the shocks in sports mode is causing it not to compress all the way.

Was wondering if anyone had any tips on what I should check?
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Shock may need replacing even though there is no evidence of leaking. The noise being gone while in Sport mode would seem to point to a failing shock since the shocks are supposed to firm up while in that mode...
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