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Fixed: Driver side clunk

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I occasionally get a clunking noise from the front driver side. When I hit large bumps. I took the wheel off and checked everything. And all looks good. Everything looks new, shocks aren't leaking. Bushings look great. Nothing that I can visually see looks bad. But today I noticed while driving through a parking lot with large speed bumps. If I turn on sports mode, it doesn't do it. Which leads me to believe that it is the shock tower itself. Or possibly just the stiffness of the shocks in sports mode is causing it not to compress all the way.

Was wondering if anyone had any tips on what I should check?
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It will still make the noise in sports mode but not as often, in the speed bump test it went away all together.
it's like a double clunk, it will cluck when i first hit bump and then after when shock extends back, so i get a quick clunk,cluck. I have a bump down the road from my house that i hit everyday its on a right hand turn so more weight is on that side. it will cluck in sports mode or regular mode in that spot every time.

I'm going to get under there to recheck everything. could motor mount do this?
I have 67,000 on it and i think its factory shocks
Mine 2014 XTS is doing the same thing . I haven't tried it in sports (manual) mode to see if it disappears. Ill try that. Im ordering new Struts today. Ill let you know if it disappears when replaced or if you get to it first please reply thanks!!
Did replacing the strut work out? My problem is not occasional anymore I believe I have an issue with my lower control arm.
Fixed: it was the Strut. It was easy to replace only took an hour and a half. I pulled it out in one piece, bearing and all. So i did not need to get a alignment.
Paid $318 on ebay for a two pack,
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