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First week with the V

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Hello to everyone! I've been lurking on this forum for a while now, pretty much since I decided I had to have a V. I found one close to me in Charlotte, NC, went to get my first test drive in one, and realized right then I had to have it. It's an 05 Black/Beige.

So far I really like the car and the horsepower is great. I really dont like the feel of the shifter, it's like I have to search for 5th, 6th, and reverse. Sometimes when I'm getting ready to start off, I have a hard time getting it into 1st gear, is this common? What CAGS eliminator are you guys buying, the Stealth V isn't being made anymore is it, website says no.

I have taken a few people for a ride and they can't believe the power of the car. To be honest, none of them really knew what a V series was. I explain to them what it is, and they act like I'm just exaggerating about the power, the LS6, everything. I say it's a 6 spd and they reply, "6 speed automatic?"
I guess if it's not a mustang, camaro/firebird, or a pickup truck with flowmasters, they don't care much here in S. Carolina. Oh well, I guess I'll keep coming here to discuss the car with you guys, love the site!
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:welcome5: to the forum and congrats on the V!! :woohoo:
Congrats on the ride. I too am still looking. I haven't made my mind up yet. The rear dif thing has me worried. I already had to replace the transmission in my wifes 06 Denali and I wonder if the V would have anthing else that might pop up.
welcome and congrats!

Few things might help:

StealthV still sells the !CAGS I think.. that will get rid of the blocked shift into second gear..

the crappy feel of the shifter will be fixed if you get a UUC shifter... Many of the people here have that shifter.. you can order it from Lindsay Cadillac (also on this forum). they actually have a special on it right now so you can jump in on that...

also, sign up on the V registry:


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Welcome, rekctsv!

Mrdci, if you want to do clutch dumps, then this car may not be for you unless you take measures to prevent wheelhop. However, there are guys here with well north of 500 hp (via supercharger) and have no problems with their difs. They just don't do high RPM clutch dumps or else they have anti-wheelhop kits installed. This car is a beast and a big surprise to any challengers on the street. You WON'T be dissappointed. :)
I feel ya on the newness of the V and people around you. The great news is that you don't get that "Escalade" look when you pull up in a V...folks think its just a CTS. I personally like that affect...then those who take a ride find out quick that there's something about this car that's certainly different.

After just two weeks w/ my V I've put a cold air kit on it and have wheels on the way...the bug will bite! Enjoy the car.
Its an addiction. Welcome.
Yep-Welcome. Get the UUC shifter then hold on it could become Mod Hell!!!

Like one says before me, if your not dumping the clutch you will be ok. I have 30 plus hard track days with no diff problems. Heck, Denniscars must have 130 days with no diff problems that I know of.

Anyway, good luck!


ps. Don't forget to become a supporting member. It's well worth the help you will get on this forum!
Congrats on the V man! Go out and eat a few firebirds/camaros and mustangs and people will look at your car different. I've got a 03 CTS and some people ask if it is a V and they won't race me cause they say I'll beat them. I don't have a V and they smoke me. :) But the V boys got em scared.
Sounds like the hook is set. :stirpot:

"Go drive one, then try to convince yourself you don't want it" (my line) :thumbsup:

The V is a hoot.
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