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First time drive of 2015 ATS 2T

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Got this loaner and I must say, or I think, the 2015 ATS drives better than the 2013. Appears to have a somewhat "tighter" suspension and steering wheel feel. Also, the acceleration from stop seems much better...probably related to the increase in TQ. Anyway, the 2015's drive felt better than that of the 2013.
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Yeh I had coupe loaner and instantly noticed the difference, GM changed the programming with the steering system.
Interesting. I too drove a 2015 coupe and disliked the real tight steering system; felt like I was driving with manual steering. I do think the suspension is smoother, and I like the bigger doors and windows; nice styling too.
I like the heavier steering at speed, but it's too heavy in parking lots. I wonder if there are limits on the range of weights it can support.
I own a 15 and there is a noticeable change in steering feel between Tour and Sport, but both feel heavier than my previous 14 which I prefer. The acceleration is also much improved over prior iterations.
me, I would prefer something in the middle. My 2014 steering is a bit too loose but the 2015 loaner was much too tight. wish it could be somewhere in the middle similar to my Acura TL.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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