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Ok, I'm new here. Gotta start somewhere. I'm warning you, this is gonna be long!

Just got my first Caddy and here I am, 56 yrs old. I wonder why I never got one before. I guess I just thought of it as an ego thing.

Quick story (yeah, right) about how I aquired this car. My next door neighbor had a concession stand on the beach. Couple years back, he bought a used '89 Eldorado Biarritz, sable black, antelope leather interior. Nice looking car. Beauthiful car. Figured the concession stand was doing real good. He'd head to FL for the winter and come back to work the stand for the summer. He lost the lease on the concession stand and went to work for the local cable TV company. Just a hop, skip and jump up the hill from where we live.

Anyway, he now has a problem with his eyes. He's a few years older than I, and has macular degeneration. Can't drive anymore. Went out on disability. I was working doing appliance repair for a local outfit, but not really wanting to do another winter of driving 100+ miles a day with our New England winters. I says to my self, "Self, why don't you go and talk to Greg about his job, seeing as he is now out on disability, and as far as I know, he ain't going back, maybe you can take his job. 2 an 1/2 mile drive one way vs 18 miles. Work at the HQ and no driving in the snow. Seem's like a no brainer to me!"

Well Greg said, "Sure. Take my job. I'll make a few calls and see if I can't help."

Next thing I know, I'm working at the local cable TV company, no more driving, 5 minutes from home, free cable TV, I mean, what can be better than this?!?!

Greg comes over one night and we were having a brown bottle and he mentions that he is going to sell the Caddy. He says, "I can't see good enough to drive it any more." The thing sounds louder than my hotrod, (31 Pontiac Roadster with rumble seat, and 68 Firebird running gear with a 69 283 CI w/ HE ingnition and burned out glasspacs). BUT, I know it always starts. I look at the car. No rust. Looks good. Driver's seat all tore up. Arm rest on door all tore up. Arm rest on console all tore up. Carpet wore out. 154K on the odometer. Leaks oil. RADIO WORKS. (When I was a kid and you could buy a used POS for $25 or under, if the radio worked, you bought it.)

I say, "How much?"

Says he, "$300."

Says I, "SOLD!"

Cost my $400 to get the exhaust fixed. So now I've got my next door neighbor's job AND his car. Guess I should feel like a heel. But I don't. The car is a real POS. Headlights shine way up in the trees. AC don't work. Electric door locks don't work. Lumbar support on driver's seat don't work. Cruise control don't work. Dash lights screwed up. Idles too high. Headliner is falling down. THE DAMN TRUNK IS ALWAYS OPEN!

But she looks good and drives beautiful. I enjoy driving the Caddy way more than I enjoy the hotrod. Am I getting old or what? Did a bug bite me?

Why do I like this car? Like I need another project, NOT!

Oh well, now that I got it, I guess I gotta make it all work right so it works as good as it looks.

I'm sure you'll see my questions on the forums. First one, I guess I'll ask here. Where do I get a good shop manual?????

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That was a good read. I enjoyed the story.

Welcome to the forums! Hope that everything goes alright for you and the Barritz!
Welcome Stan!
Here are a couple of links you might find useful:
1989 Cadillac
1989 Cadillac Eldorado
On-Board Self-Diagnostic System

Good luck fellow New Englander!
OK, how come I can't sent a PM anyone? I can't view a member's profile. Is it just us newbies that can't do it or is the a problem with my account? Any guesses?:crying2:
Check Helm, Inc. in Michigan for the factory GM Manual. Others on the forum state that great discount buys are available for earlier models. Not qualified to give an answer to your web tech problems, but someone will. All on this forum are very helpful. As far as your age goes, I bought my first Cadillac, a 98 Eldo at 56 and bought it because I have always wanted something to make my "ass smile." No need to question why you wanted a Cadillac....they are the American standard and always will be. Check your codes on OBD 1 and enjoy: (clear all of em and see what comes back!) Welcome to the forum.
You sleepin with his wife yet??

Just kiddin....I guess it was bad taste, sorry ;)

Welcome aboard, I'd love to see pics too!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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